‘Tis the Season for Holiday Laundry: Dos and Don’ts for a Winter Wonderland

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The holiday season brings joy, laughter, and, inevitably, an avalanche of laundry. As the cold weather sets in, families are faced with the daunting task of tackling festive fabrics and winter wear. Fear not, for we’ve compiled a handy list of dos and don’ts to navigate the holiday laundry mayhem.


Do: Embrace the Fluff


Winter is the perfect time to revel in the fluffiness of your clothes. Opt for fabric softeners and dryer sheets to add a touch of cozy comfort to your laundry. Your sweaters will thank you with an extra layer of softness that rivals a winter snowfall.


Don’t: Let Stains Hibernate


Festive feasts and holiday treats can lead to unexpected stains. Tackle them head-on rather than letting them hibernate until spring. Pre-treat stains promptly and enlist the help of stain-removal products to ensure your holiday garments remain pristine.


Do: Sort with Care


The holiday laundry basket is a treasure trove of various fabrics – from delicate party dresses to sturdy winter coats. Sort your laundry with care to avoid any festive fashion disasters. Check garment labels and separate colors to keep your holiday attire looking as vibrant as the season itself.


Don’t: Overload Santa’s Sack (aka Your Washing Machine)


Resist the temptation to cram every festive outfit into a single load. Overloading the washing machine can result in less-than-merry outcomes. Instead, spread the holiday cheer across multiple loads for a thorough and effective cleaning.



With these dos and don’ts in mind, you can navigate the winter laundry landscape with ease. Keep your household cozy and your clothes pristine, and let the holiday celebrations begin!


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