The safety concerns about fabric softeners and dryer sheets

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How laundry can cost less and use less energy

The safety concerns about fabric softeners and dryer sheets

Washing clothes is something that’s on most people’s to-do lists.

The inflation rate is still going up and this is troubling to many people. However, you can help save money and decrease your environmental impact when you wash your clothes by using natural detergent or whitening.

Consumer Reports recommends to start by choosing what temperature of water you prefer.

Tanya Christian, of Consumer Reports, says that a lot of people have a tendency to use the hot water when washing clothes. However, all he needs to do is switch cycles and he can use the colder water cycle for everything.

Cold water is better for your wallet because your washing machine does not need to use energy to heat it up. There are times when hot water is the best, though.

The user would need to use hot water often when someone is sick at home, so the natural solution would be to launder sheets and wash them with hot water.

“It is important to use the right amount of detergent, says Christian. Experts recommend one and a half ounces for a regular load.”

Christian said you can use too much detergent and that can result in stains and build-up on clothes. So using less is good, but using an appropriate amount will be even better for your clothes.

Think again before you use fabric softeners or dryer sheets

Use regular cycles for washing to avoid overusing additives and cheapening clothes.

Consumer Reports says that frequent use of the dryer can increase the electric bill and shorten clothes’ lifespan. They recommend using the automatic drying cycle to save energy and extend the life of your clothes.



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