Learn how to wash bras and take care of them

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At the Clean Wash Center, we know the importance of treating each item with the same care. Whether you’re washing clothes in different colors or your children’s stuffed animals, make sure to pay attention to each one.

Bras are the most intimate garments owned by women and act as the foundation for every outfit choice.

You want to make sure that your delicates are clean and well taken care of, so they’ll last longer and be easier to maintain. Wash them properly and use the right materials while doing so in order to maintain the quality.

For many lingerie items, you can wash them in the washing machine instead of hand washing, but most are delicate and should be hand washed.

If your garments have any lace details or trims, they can unravel due to the friction against other garments in the wash

With a laundry bag for bras, you can keep your bras clean with fewer tangles and reduced friction. However, how often to wash bras is up to you, but with a washing machine bag, you can easily keep them in near-new condition.

Bras, lingerie and delicates should be washed separately because they have delicate fabrics that could easily be damaged in regular laundry.

A smarter washing machine will use the Gentle Cycle, which washes near to handwashing. This cycle usually has a slower wash and spin cycle so clothes don’t get outstretched or ripped.

To keep your delicate undergarments from getting ripped or torn during the wash, just put them in a mesh bag to remove the hooks and straps.

 Tips for Drying Delicates.

In order to preserve their integrity, clothes should be hung up to dry rather than placed in a dryer.

It is important to use a detergent that is perfect for delicate fabrics. Using the wrong detergent can cause it to be damaged.



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