How to make your own natural fabric softener at home

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Three easy “natural” fabric softener methods for homeowners include white vinegar and hair conditioner, which can work out to be much cheaper than store-bought brands.
Nowadays, there are many options to soften your clothes, but not all of them are environmentally friendly. The clothing will feel soft and fluffy like when you have washed it for the first time. But that is, in part, due to the inclusion of all-natural ingredients.
You can reduce your costs and reduce the environmental impact of production by making your own natural fabric softener.
One inexpensive DIY laundry detergent is to cut up the bar of soap into squares, fill a container with vinegar, and add the soap.
With naturally derived fabric softeners, you’ll be avoiding the chemicals in manufactured softeners without compromising softness.
Is fabric softener safe for those with allergies or sensitive skin?
Since these artificial devices save on packaging waste, it is more eco friendly.
If you want, you can create a custom fragrance for your clothes. You can play with different scents and customize your product so when it’s washing your clothes they will come out smelling good.
Furthermore, if you feel like assembling your own fabric softener we provide the recipe below:
One way to soften fabric involves using a combination of vinegar and baking soda.
Mix 200g of baking soda with 250ml of water, then add 1.7 liters of vinegar.
The experts said, “The whole thing will start sizzling, but it’s a normal chemical reaction and will die down soon enough.”
How to make natural fabric softener from household ingredients
In addition, you can use your favorite essential oils to give your laundry a nice smell. You should add the oils while you are doing the final rinse cycle.
“Spices and herbs like lavender, clove, or rosemary smell great in your bedding. Citrus-based scents like mandarin orange or lemon are good choices if you have a clean and refreshing ambiance.”
How to make your own natural fabric softener
Learn how to make fabric softener using white vinegar and hair conditioner.
To create your own hair recipe for volume, combine one large jar of excellent conditioner, 1.25 liters of hot water and 360ml distilled white vinegar.
Mix dish detergent in the washing machine as if it was a commercial softener. Add it in the fabric softener dispenser and use 35ml for an average load, or 55ml for larger loads of six to seven kilograms.
Epsom salts can be added to provide natural softening of fabrics as a simple alternative to commercial fabric softeners.
You can add salt straight to your laundry and use it as a scented soap. You can also mix in your favorite fragrance or colorant.
You can use essential oils and blend to your heart’s content. It’s easier to blend all of the oils into a large batch as you’ll want one drop of essential oil for every 20g of salts.


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