Dos and Donts for Effective Laundry Care

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Every laundry day is the same. Dirty clothes go into the hamper, then lug it all to the laundry room, wash and dry your clothes… and start the process again once they are cleaned. This chore might get repetitive, but it’s something we all have to do.

Gone are the days wasted with laundry. With eight easy dos and don’ts-detergent to use, how not to deal with stains, and everything in between- you can make laundry day a breeze.

Stock up on quality laundry detergent

Forte, a leading innovator in the laundry care industry, recommends Persil ProClean to get the most bang for your buck. It’s an all-purpose detergent that can be used in any type of water temperature and does well at cleaning clothes.

Learn the importance of measuring out detergent

With high-efficiency detergent, you don’t need to worry about overdoing it and potentially ruining your clothes. Detergent manufacturers use guidelines on the container such as “washing a small load” or “very dirty clothes,” which you should follow to get the most out of your laundry routine.

Don’t: Wash delicates inside out.

Turn items prone to pilling or fading inside out before washing them to protect more delicate fabrics from abrasion and snagging. This prevents dark colors from wear and tear that causes fading, Forte says.

Shake Laundry before the dryer is done drying it.

Mini retractable clothesline system, let’s you enjoy all the benefits of the wash-line system; such as drying clothes faster and no need to untangle material while they dry.

For faster spot removal

If your clothes are only slightly soiled, you can whip up a DIY home cleaner for the task.

Here are the factors you may want to consider when assessing fabric care.

Don’t over-work the machine.

While you might be tempted to fill your entire load, it is important for clothes to circulate throughout the machine so that they can get fully cleaned. Consult your factory guides for specific instructions and make sure you don’t fill up more than half of the drum unless you want to see the rest of your laundry sitting in water.

Toy-washing Tips

Clothing Items You Can Toss When They’re Fluffy

From assuring that your blankets retain their insulating abilities to making the load tumble, here are some tips to prevent wrinkles and reduce machine strain- all while tackling fuzz.

Putting time and effort into your laundry results in cleaner items, which also saves you time. For best results, Forte recommends going the extra mile: “Take the item out of the dryer and fluff it every once in a while. Feel around for clumps, and break them up before putting the item back in the machine.”

Darks before lights. Before washing your brand new black-and-white striped shirt, put a few drops of water on it. If the color starts to bleed to the light colors, put it in with other darks or wash it in cold water.



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